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Jl. Tubagus Ismail II No.2, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40134, Indonesia


AKATIGA is a Bandung-based research institute founded in 1991 as a result of a partnership between two Indonesian universities: IPB (Bogor Agricultural University) and ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology). AKATIGA conducts research on social issues for poverty reduction among marginalised groups in Indonesia. Its research focuses on four main themes - agrarian reform, labour, micro-business and governance. Its recent research topics include food security and resilience, employment opportunities, evaluation of poverty alleviation and empowerment programs, promoting small enterprises through market development, and support for local government reforms.

In addition to conducting research on these topics, AKATIGA now regularly produces journal and book publications, manages a library, leads workshops and discussions, networks with other NGOs and engages in capacity building, evaluations and advocacy work rooted in the organization's research.

Fields of study: Agriculture & Food Security, Social Policy, Governance & Transparency, Labour, Migration & Employment, Economic Development

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