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An Investigation of Thai High School Students\u0027 English Language Learning Problems Image
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An Investigation of Thai High School Students' English Language Learning Problems

A way to improve English language teaching is an investigation of students' English language problems. This study therefore explored Thai high school students' English language learning problems. This was a case study, employing a survey design and using a questionnaire as instrument for data collection. The subjects were 104 high school students in Lampang Province, Thailand. The results of this study revealed the following findings. On listening, the students had difficulty in class discussion in English. On speaking, they had trouble with asking questions in English in the classroom. On reading, they could not understand English idioms. On writing, they were unable to finish essay writing within a limited time. On sociocultural perspectives on second language learning, they lacked opportunity to spend time associate with native speakers. On International communication barriers, on oral presentation for a lesson assignment, they rehearsed it only 2-3 times to prepare themselves. Lastly, of all language learning tasks, the most problematic English task was writing. This study is a puzzle to the whole picture. Future inquiry should replicate this study to see the whole picture of this issue.
Challenges for 21st Century Learning in Indonesia Image
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Challenges for 21st Century Learning in Indonesia

Corresponding email: and hendarmananwar@gmail.comAbstractTo develop a more advanced and diversified economy and improve its International competitiveness, in education sector, Indonesia focuses the development of 21st century learning skills to the students at all levels to be able to compete with other nations in the world. For this to happen, a number of challenges should be overcome which among others including teachers' competency, literacy and numeracy skills as measured by PISA, Human Development Index (HDI), and competitiveness index. The engagement of actors or stakeholders within education sector ecosystem plays the pivotal role for the improvement of Indonesia's education as well as for 21st century learning environment.
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Mispronounced Consonants of Basic Listening and Speaking Students of Universitas Klabat Image
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Mispronounced Consonants of Basic Listening and Speaking Students of Universitas Klabat

Oral proficiency has been one of the important goals in teaching English as a Foreign Languange (EFL) since it is important not only in communication, but also in other language skills such as reading and writing, which obviously overlay the path to student's academic achievement. A study was conducted to examine mispronounced words by 34 EFL Freshmen FKIP students at the Klabat University who were taking Basic Listening and Speaking Subject. More specifically, this study aimed to find out the mispronounced voiced and voiceless consonants. To analyze the obtained data, a descriptive-quantitative method was used. The study is based on findings derived from a list of selected 397 English words taken from the students' textbook. The words chosen appeared with their minimal pairs.Findings showed that the students could produce voiceless /p/, /k/, and /s/ sounds correctly but mispronounced the other five voiceless sounds: /t/, /k/, /f/, /θ/, /ʃ/, /ʧ/ and voiced consonant sounds: /b/, /d/, /g/, /v/, /ð/, /z/, /ʒ/, /ʤ/. The mispronunciation occurred elsewhere regardless the position of the consonants: initial, middle or final position.
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