Konferensi Nasional Riset Manajemen X (KNRM X)

Conference held in Lombok, Indonesia in 2016
Organised by



September 2016

Hotel Lombok Raya, Jl. Panca Usaha No.11, Mataram, NTB 83231, Indonesia

p-ISSN 2086-0390

Konferensi Nasional Riset Manajemen X (KNRM X)

Konferensi Nasional Riset Manajemen X (KNRM X) offers to support, encourage and provide a platform for researchers to present their research results. KNRM X includes important issues in the study of business and management as well as derivative topics, namely: excellence in human resource management, strategic management, operations management, financial management, management, and tourism, and collaboration and innovation. Through this conference, participants reviewed the discussion about developing research results from reviewers and other research. Participants can share with the research ... see more

Topics: Business, Management & Operations

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