Mid-International Conference on Public Health 2018 (Mid-ICPH 2018)

Conference held in Surakarta, Indonesia in 2018
Organised by Sebelas Maret University



April 2018

Best Western Premier Hotel, Jl. Ir. Sukarno Solo Baru, Surakarta, Jawa Tengah 57552, Indonesia

ISBN-13 978-602-71484-5-1

Mid-International Conference on Public Health 2018 (Mid-ICPH 2018)

The Mid-International Conference on Public Health (ICPH) 2018 was held in Solo, Indonesia, on April 18-19, 2018. The theme of this conference is “Revitalizing Family Planning Program and Women’s Empowerment for the Improvement of Population Well-being and Economic Development”. This conference aims to discuss the existing situation and issues of family planning programs in Indonesia and other developing countries, and reformulate realistic policy to revitalize, improve, and accelerate the achievement of family planning programs. In addition, it seeks to discuss gender equity issues, including women’s empowerment in child-bearing, reproduction, and household economic decisions, as well as to discuss ethical issues pertaining to family planning and population control.

Topics: Medical Sciences, Public Health & Sanitation

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