Gerakan Tertib Lalu Lintas “Getas”: Upaya Pencegahan Kecelakaan Sejak Dini

Restu Dyah Siam Pratiwi • Achsanul Fahruddin Irvani • Wahyu Kurnia Dewi Nastiti • Itsna Amanatur Rohmah

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


Surabaya has the largest traffic accident than others in East Java (Surabaya Kompas, 2013). There is not any attention and awareness from students of junior high school to prevent accident increasing. Therefore, it needing oncoming to get student's attention for developing their concern about traffic rules. One of this effort is making “GETAS” (Gerakan Tertib Lalu Lintas) community. This is a traffic discipline community that involve the students of Yapita Junior High School Surabaya as the first members. They have a big duty to prove their awareness about traffic, so they can add another friend to join their community. The method that used in this program is “innovation” game. This system aims to create softskilled and responsive student. By means of game, the student can give their more attention so the substance can delivered easily. The result can be identified by assessment about knowing and care. Knowing is assessed by pre test and post test. Base on this test, there is inceasing knowledge from 67,2% to 90,6%. Whereas another result is assessed from student's enthusiastic to creat “GETAS” community. This program is expected to decreas traffic accident in Surabaya and others.




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