Nike Kusumawanti • Anik Susanti • Nyimas Nadya Izana

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The writing aims answer the challenges of Asean Economic Community (AEC) with improving the role of rural economy through BUMDES (Badan Usaha Milik Desa) as one of the things to be disconnected chain of poverty in rural areas as well as preparing institutional innovative towards the AEC. Innovative institutional BUMDES that has been initiated by BUMDES in the village of Gondowangi is to apply the principle of commercialization but still hold on values of humanity, tranparency and also accountability.

The presence of AEC brings opportunities at once a threat to rural economy. The rural commercialization that has been the direction of government policy throughout the 1950s to 2000s has not achieved significant results because it is not in accordance with the characteristics of rural communities. The process of agricultural commercial growth precisely pinches the farmers on two pressures at once, the increasingly urban biased government policy and the two market pressures (controlled by business actors). Therefore, in the face of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) which means the market is present everywhere including in rural areas then this is a threat from the AEC in rural communities.

As an opportunity, BUMDes should be able to build institutional and social capital by building networks that occur among villagers, village government, central government, intellectuals and investors while providing trust among stakeholders by preparing rules of the games, which sided with the village community. In other words, the market with the commercialization principle through the AEC is not faced with face to face with individuals in rural communities but must deal with the institutions through BUMDes by building a strong social capital without ignoring the role of village leadership as agents of change.

Keywords : Asean Economic Community, BUMDes, instututional, social capital.




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