Kesulitan Siswa dalam Membaca Tulis Al-Quran Hubungannya dengan Motivasi Siswa dalam Keikutsertaan Pelajaran Pai

Ahmad Burhanudin • Fajar Meihadi
Journal article Al-Mau'izhoh • 2019

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The fact is that there are still many students who are lacking in reading and writing the Qur'an as if they are not fluent in reciting hijaiyah letters and do not master the knowledge of recitation, even though the enthusiasm of students in taking PAI lessons is quite high when viewed in terms of their presence and students also respond well to special training for students who are lacking in reading and writing the Koran. The hypothesis proposed is that the higher the level of difficulty of students in reading the written AL-Quran, the lower their motivation in attending PAI lessons. This research is empirical by using descriptive methods. Data collection techniques carried out by questionnaire, literature study, observation and interviews. While quantitative analysis using descriptive analysis and correlation analysis. The sample studied was 35 students as respondents. The results of the study note that: 1) The reality of students' responses to difficulties in reading and writing the Koran including qualifications in the moderate / moderate category. This is based on an average figure of 3.05 at intervals of 2.60 - 3.39. 2) The reality of their motivation is good / high. This is based on an average number of 3.93 at intervals of 3.40 - 4.19 .. 3) The relationship between students' responses to reading and writing difficulties in the Koran with their motivation to take PAI lessons at school is as follows: a) The correlation coefficient between the two variables is included in the moderate correlation. That is because the score of 0.59 on a correlation scale between 0.41 - 0.60. b) The hypothesis is accepted. This is based on tcount (4.36) and ttable (1.694). c) The magnitude of the effect of variable x on variable y is known to be 34%.



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