Hubungan Tingkat Konflik Kognitif Terhadap Beban Miskonsepsi Mahasiswa Calon Guru Kimia: the Relationship of Cognitive Conflict of Misconception Load of Prospective Chemistry Teacher's-student)

Kurroti A’Yun & Suyono
Journal article Uniqbu Journal of Exact Sciences • 2020

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The prospective cchemistry teachers student should be free from the burden of misconceptions before graduating and take part in society. Researchers opinions previously stated that students who have the ability to think logically high that students typically high levels of cognitive conflict. Analogy of the statement, it means that students with higher levels of cognitive conflict, the burden misconceptions is low, even free from the burden of misconceptions. Expenses misconceptions known to provide misconceptions detector test in the form of questions that have been analyzed using the theoretical analysis of the concept of Herron. The concept is used as a detector test misconception here is the concept of chemical solutions. Detector test misconceptions coupled with a test of confidence in the results of the demonstration and testing of the levels of cognitive conflict is used to detect the level of student cognitive conflict. Showed that prospective teachers student in 7th semester chemistry Unesa was 98% had misconception loads and 84% of which have high levels of cognitive conflict moderate to low. The results show that students who have a high level of cognitive conflict is not necessarily free from the burden of misconceptions.





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