Analisis Kualitas Pelayanan Listrik Terhadap Kepuasaan Pelanggan PT PLN (Persero) Unit Layanan Pengadaan (Ulp) Namlea: Analysis of Electrical Quality Service Satisfaction of PT Plsn (Persero) Namlea

Mentari Rasyid, Risman Galela
Journal article Uniqbu Journal of Exact Sciences • 2020

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Customers are assets that play an important role in determining the success of the company. Customers reflect the company's growth potential in the future, so the effort to create and retain customers is a top priority for the company. Customer satisfaction is a central concept in business and management discourse. Customer satisfaction is influenced by perceptions of various qualities, both services and products. Customer needs which is an important goal for PT. PLN (Persero) in Buru Regency especially at UPT Namlea. To meet customer satisfaction there needs to be an improvement in service quality that refers to customer satisfaction is the main goal in the delivery of services. This study aims to determine the quality of service of PT PLN (Persero) on ULP Namlea on the satisfaction of the customers provided. The results of the research is regression equation that is reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangible have a positive effect on customer satisfaction, meaning that if the independent variable increases, the dependent variable also increases, and if the independent variable decreases, the dependent variable also decreases. The results of the regression coefficients obtained showed that reliability variable is the biggest factor affecting customer satisfaction, then empathy, tangible, responsiveness, while Assurance is the lowest factor that affects customer satisfaction. Of the five dimensions that have the greatest significance value are the dimensions of Reliability, Responsiveness, and Assurance then Emphaty and Tangible.





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