Sifat Fisis Kayu Eboni (Diospyrus SP) Pada Posisi Vertikal: (Physical Properties Ebony Wood of the Vertical Position)

Ningsie Indahsuary Uar
Journal article Uniqbu Journal of Exact Sciences • 2020 Indonesia

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Ebony is a luxury wood that grows endemic to Pulau Buru Maluku with the name Ebony Maluku while the other local name is the wood of Belo Hitam (Diospyros sp).  Eboni is one type of wood that is very much liked by the community and the existence of quite a lot on the island of Buru, but the information about its basic nature is not well known by the local community. The study aims to determine the influence of the wood vertical position (base, middle, and end) and anistropic (radial tangential) areas of the wood physics properties of ebony. The results showed that the moisture content of three parts varies from the base of the stem to the end, while the highest wood density in the trunk is the base, then, the end, and the low at the center. The timber depreciation on three anistropic surfaces indicates the largest depreciation in the tangential field compared to radial





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