Perencanaan Struktur Jaringan Dan Kebutuhan Air Bersih Untuk Perumahan Di Desa Morela-kecamatan Leihitu : (Network Structure Planning and the Need of Clean Water for Housing in Morela Village-leihitu Sub-district)

Sjaid S. Fais Assagaf • Rabiyatul Uzda • Andi Sudarman
Journal article Uniqbu Journal of Exact Sciences • 2020

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The need for clean water in each area is very urgent, especially in rural areas that lack springs. Discussions are being carried out regarding drinking water needs in Morela village community housing, calculating the capacity requirements for drinking water volume in Morela Village housing and drawing of the existing clean water distribution system installation network. in Morela Village. The study used a quantitative analysis approach to processing primary data obtained from field data samples through the survey to be analyzed. The projection of drinking water until 2027 is 12.449 liters / second, while the availability of water sourced from rivers is based on a discharge analysis of 10.825 liters / second. The process of connecting the flow of clean water from the river to the Morela Village housing, through brouncaptering using the GPS Medium A pipe. 150 mm, 100 mm and 75 mm, water is flowed to a distribution reservoir measuring 6.30m x 8.10m x 2m and from the reservoir the water is flowed through a diameter pipe. 150 mm, 100 mm and 75 mm and flowed directly to the main pipe dia. 50 mm to the housing.





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