Associations of Child Poverty: Patterns and Differences

Gracia Hadiwidjaja • Cindy Paladines • Matthew Wai-Poi
Conference paper Child Poverty and Social Protection Conference • Septiembre 2013 Indonesia

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(English, 26 pages)


This paper examines the different dimensions of child poverty in Indonesia, looking at child outcomes and opportunities across consumption, health, education, housing, food security, social assistance and infrastructure. In addition to looking at each of these measures, we go further to investigate the associations between them, asking whether it is the same children who are poor on each dimension or different ones. For example, we look at the associations between physical access to education, health and transportation services; and consumption, housing, water and sanitation; whether money poor and food poor children are the same; the linkages between access to health services and social assistance and health outcomes; and associations between barriers to enrolment. These associations have important implications for program design and targeting. We present results over time, as well as for different populations of interest, such as rural, urban and female-headed households.




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