Riau University (Unri)

University in Pekanbaru, Indonesia



Kampus Bina Widya, Jl. HR Subantas KM 12.5, Simpang Baru, Pekanbaru, Riau 28293, Indonesia

Riau University (Unri)

Riau University is a public university in Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia. It was established on October 1, 1962.

Fields of study: Multidisciplinary

Journals published by Unri:

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  • Erdianto Erdianto • Rika Lestari
    public Jurnal Konstitusi • 2008
    Special otonomy is a solution to respons radical movement to separate fromUnitary State system of Republic of Indonesia. As far as, there are 2 provincedecided as a special otonomy province, they are ...