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Takdir dan Sunnatullah (suatu Kajian Tafsir Maudhu\u0027i) Image
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Takdir dan Sunnatullah (suatu Kajian Tafsir Maudhu'i)

The concept of the Qada and Qadar is still the hot topic of discussion. For Muslims, destiny is a part of faith. Therefore, an understanding of the fate is very important for a Muslim. For an understanding of this destiny will determine the direction and attitude of a Muslim against a variety of things that happened during his life. Therefore, many scholars discuss the concept of destiny in their books. There are three people who understand it differently. The first group; they believe that man is not free at all of destiny because what they do has been determined by God. The second group; they believe that humans are very independent that they do not have any divine intervention at all. The last thought believe that anything done is within the rules of Allah. There is the intervention of God, but humans have a choice to do something.
Teori Linguistik dan Psikologi dalam Pembelajaran Bahasa Image
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Teori Linguistik dan Psikologi dalam Pembelajaran Bahasa

This article discusses several language theories and psychological theories thatinfluence the educator's point of view in teaching languages both mother tongueand second language learners. Among the linguistic theories described arestructuralism theories pioneered by Ferdinand de Saussure in Europe; the firstfigure to do a study of language with scientific principles and codified so that it canbe analyzed using systematic and clear methods. Other figures in this genre areLeonardo Bloomfield, Edward Saphier, Charles Hokait and Charles Fries. Second,the transformational generative theory pioneered by Noam Chomsky, who wasborn in 1928 in Pennsylvania, United States. Psychological theories discussed arethe theories of behaviorism, nativism, cognitivism, functional, constructivism,humanism and cybernetics
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Hubungan antara Gaya Belajar dan Rasa Percaya Diri terhadap Hasil Belajar Image
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Hubungan antara Gaya Belajar dan Rasa Percaya Diri terhadap Hasil Belajar

The learning achievement is influenced by several factors, among others: the style of  learning  and  self-confidence  which  is  owned  by  a  learner.  Achievement of learning out comes or quality learning can be demonstrated by learners through the value obtained from any field of study learned. It is recognized that every learner has an assortment of characters and learning styles of  its own besides that learners each have a level of confidence that is different. Of course in this case will have an impact on learning out comes of each field of studylearned.
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