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  • Cahyadin, Malik
    • 2017
    This study analyses the interaction between macroeconomic variables and indicators of small and medium enterprises (SME) in Indonesia. The analysed data include GDP, inflation, unemployment, poverty n...
  • Nasution, Mustafa Edwin • Wahyudi, Imam
    • 2017
    This study aimed to conduct a study and analysis of government fiscal policies related to the components of revenue (taxes) and some components of spending (education/human resources and infrastructur...
  • Wardhono, Adhitya • Dana, Badara Shofi • Nasir, M. Abd
    • 2017
    The theory of the exchange rate disconnect puzzle provides evidence of the instability of exchange rate relationship with macroeconomic fundamentals. This study will analyse the enactment of the theor...
  • Kuncoro, Haryo
    • 2017
    This paper examines the credibility and sustainability of fiscal policy in the case of Indonesia. The standard model of fiscal sustainability is modified to accommodate the credibility aspect. The emp...
  • Murharsito, Murharsito • Fauziah, Fitri Ella • Kristijadi, Emanuel • Iramani, Rr
    • 2017
    This paper investigates the effect of provincial corruption on the performance of local development bank, specifically to the profitability and credit quality. We use the data of 26 local development ...
  • Nayak, Motiniva
    • 2017
    The paper discusses the changes in the credit distribution to the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) sector. It analyses the relationship between commercial banking characteristics and its cre...
  • Mahmudah, Umi
    • 2017
    The main purpose of this study is to predict the unemployment rate in Indonesia by using time series data from 1986 to 2015 using autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA). A differencing proce...
  • Dewanti, Lintang • Rokhim, Rofikoh
    • 2017
    This study analyses the bank's performance comparison across countries in some ASEAN members which are listed in the stock exchange, as well as to analyse the influence of Economic Value Added (EVA) a...
  • Makmuri, Amien
    • 2017
    This research is an attempt to study the empirical relationship between infrastructure and income inequality in Indonesia. It uses regression analysis with panel data set covering 32 provinces in the ...
  • Utomo, Wahyu Wisnu
    • 2017
    In this research paper, I attempt to investigate the correlation between parental expectation and postsecondary education enrolment in Indonesia. Not only parental expectation, I also aim to shed a li...
  • Fitria, Purna
    • 2017
    Comparing household expenditure and national poverty line, about 24.78% of households in Indonesia experienced poverty (expenditure below the poverty line) at least once within 14-year period. By util...
  • Afandi, Akhsyim • Rantung, Vebryna Permatasari • Marashdeh, Hazem
    • 2017
    This study examines whether changing economic structure, social conditions, and financialization are responsible for increased income inequality in Indonesia. By employing panel data of 32 provinces i...
  • Purwanda, Eka • Rochana, Siti Herni
    • 2017
    Since 2000, monetary policy in Indonesia started to use Inflation Targeting Framework (ITF). To evaluate the performance of the monetary policy, it requires efficiency indicators. The measurement of t...
  • Harini, H • Purwaningsih, Yunastiti • Widiyanti, Emi • Cahyadin, Malik
    • 2017
    Most of food commodities in the Central Java are produced and traded in the local market. The aim of this research is to analyse internal and external factors determining trade of food commodities and...
  • Kurniasih, Erni Panca
    • 2017
    This research aims to analyze the effect of economic growth on income inequality, labor absorption and economic welfare in Indonesian provinces. A 165 observations of panel data was analyzed using pat...
  • Afriyanto, Muhammad Mukhlis
    • 2017
    This study examines the impact of crime incidence on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Indonesian provinces. This study uses panel data covering 31 provinces for the period 2005 to 2015. We involve T...
  • Santoso, Rokhedi Priyo • Annirahmah, Annirahmah • Tresnatri, Florischa Ayu
    • 2017
    This study was to analyse the efficiency and effectiveness of provincial road infrastructure performance Yogyakarta Province. The indicators of the efficiency measurement are congestion level, road ma...
  • Wibowo, Buddi
    • 2017
    This paper measures individual bank's impact on banking systemic risk and examines the effect of individual bank's capital buffer and leverage to bank's systemic risk impact in Indonesia during 2010-2...
  • Mariyono, Joko • Kuntariningsih, Apri • Dewi, Hanik A • Latifah, Evi • Daroini, Putu B 3 more
    • 2017
    High-valued vegetable farming can increase farmers' income if the vegetables are cultivated in commercial manner. This paper analyzes factors that determine farmers' intention to commercialize vegetab...
  • Fafurida, Fafurida • Pratiwi, Erliz Nindi
    • 2017
    This research aims to identify and to map the financial independence of the local government. This research uses ratio analysis to identify the financial independent analysis and typology to map the l...
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