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Pengaruh Metode Creative Problem Solving (Cps) Model Treefinger Terhadap Hasil Belajar Perakitan Komputer Pada Siswa Kelas X Teknik Komputer Jaringan Smk N 1 Rao Selatan

This research was quantitative research that used a true experiment research approach and a posttest-only control as the research design. This research conducted in SMK 1 Rao Selatan. The population in this research was the grade X students of computer engineering and network major in SMK 1 Rao Selatan. The technique sampling in this research was a total sampling or also called as a population research. In determining the experiment class and control class, the researcher used rolls of paper. Grade X of TKJ 2 elected as experiment class and grade X TKJ 1 elected as control class. The result of this research were average the students learning outcomes in experiment class was about 80,90 while in control class was about 74,84. From analysis test showed normal and homogeny data. The test result on the level significance a0,05 (the level of confidence 95%) obtained score thitung=3,498 and ttabel=2,000 so obtained Thitung>Ttabel (3,498>2,000). Therefore, Ho rejected and Ha accepted in this research. So, the conclusion was there a significant influence in Creative Problem solving (CPS) learning method with Treefingermodel toward learning outcomes of assembly computer of grade X students in program computer network engineering SMK 1 Rao Selatan.
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Evaluasi Pelaksanaan Program Praktek Kerja Industri Siswa Kelas XI di Smk Negeri 3 Payakumbuh Tahun Ajaran 2017/2018

This study aims to evaluate the implementation of work practices Industry SMK N 3 Payakumbuh. The evaluation of the work practices of the industry (Prakerin) viewed from component design, Installation, and Cost, Product Procces faced in implementing Prakerin. Research results show that implementation of work practices in the industry of SMK N 3 Payakumbuh Computer Network Engineering program as a whole include: (1) evaluation of Goal Indicators of program design: prakerin acquire standard score 81.5% good. Then for the Preparatory Program indicators Prakerin earn standard scores 80.25%. (2) evaluation of Installation: indicator of the readiness of Teachers Supervising earn standard scores 85.33% good. then the instructor Readiness for DU/received 73% of the score is pretty standard. Next on the supporting facilities and infrastructure indicators obtained standard score 82% good. Next on the indicators of Source Funds obtain standard scores 83.33% good. Next on the relevance of the indicator Program with the needs of the Students acquire standard score 80,53% good. (3) the evaluation Process: preparation of Indicators gained 85.6% score is stdandar good. indicators for Program execution then Prakerin gained 75.83% score is fairly standard. (4) the evaluation of the Product: Indicators of Learning Assessment Participants Prakerin gained 69.75% score is fairly standard
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Inteligensi dan Bakat Serta Implikasinya dalam Pembelajaran

       This study aims to determine the differences that exist in individuals viewed from the aspect of intelligence, talent and implications in learning. Individual differences are a gift given by God to humans, where between one individual and another there must be differences. It is very important for educators to understand the differences that exist in students. By knowing the causes that influence individual differences, educators can provide equal treatment to students. The method used is a literature study by processing and analyzing a number of relevant literature. Data were analyzed, grouped, and interpreted to determine the factors that influence individual differences. The results show that individual differences based on intelligence, talent in learning are a concern for educators in developing the potential that exists in students, this needs to also be supported by parents of students so that students are more enthusiastic in learning, channeling the talents of students, and how to respond to individual differences who have different intelligence and talents in learning in the school environment.
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