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Prinsip\u002Dprinsip/hukum Perkembangan Peserta Didik dan Implikasinya terhadap Pendidikan Image
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Prinsip-prinsip/hukum Perkembangan Peserta Didik dan Implikasinya terhadap Pendidikan

Development is the process of change in growth at a time as a function of maturity and interaction with its environment. In other words, development is a functional change that is influenced by the achievement of the level of physical maturity. This development process can be understood by the existence of several principles / laws, in which the principle / law governs the whole of the development process and is definitely something that is in the development process. Thus, these principles must be understood by all education stakeholders, especially for School Principals and Teachers, because the principles are very urgent in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of achieving educational goals, including by developing a curriculum or making learning programs that are in accordance with the developmental stages of participants the student.
Epistemologi Islam dan Barat Image
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Epistemologi Islam dan Barat

Islam has a specialty in the development ofepistemologies in the world. Character kewahyuan it has alreadyable to defend the truth which it offers.A marriage of science methods and good behavior isthe main objective to get to know God,as God The Almighty One.
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Kepala Sekolah sebagai Manajer dan Pemimpin Pendidikan Image
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Kepala Sekolah sebagai Manajer dan Pemimpin Pendidikan

The principal is the central figure in the improvement of the quality of education in schools. Success or failure of an educational institution, especially in the educational unit will be greatly influenced by the competence of the head of the school, Education Minister Regulation No. 13 Year 2007 on the Standards for school / madrassa confirmed that a school / madrasah principal must have five dimensions of minimum competencies, namely: personal competence, managerial, entrepreneurial, supervision, and social. Head of school / madrasah is a teacher who is assigned additional principals / madrasah that he also should have the requisite competence competence of teachers, namely: pedagogic competence, personality, social, and professional. Based on these facts, it becomes very important for the principal master the competencies of school principals in an effort to improve the quality of education in the educational unit. Hinted at by the opinion that one of the principal as educational administrators need to complete their education with knowledge leadership insights and anticipatory attitude to changes that occur in people's lives, including the development of macro-level policies. Being the change and development of the most actual today is the higher aspirations of the people for education, and the incessant demands of education policies that include improved aspects of equal opportunity, quality, efficiency and relevance.
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