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Strategi Bertahan Hidup Pedagang Kaki Lima (PKL) Image
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Strategi Bertahan Hidup Pedagang Kaki Lima (PKL)

Indonesian development policy which tends to focus on the growth model has implied on the high concentration of city development. Cities, in fact, fially become spaces where city dwellers and city new comers tightly complete each other to grab the available capital. The qualifid new comers who possess good competence are able to survive in the city. Those people will be able to enjoy the delicious economic cakes which are abundantly scattered. However, the incompetent new comers may only taste the remnants of the economic cake. That is the most rational choice for the incompetent. According to Max Weber, this phenomenon shows an instrumental social action. It means that the measurement ofprofi and loss has been the most important part of their actions. Indeed, most of the new comers do not have special competence. They only depend on their physical strength in order to survive. In Karl Marx's terminology, an individual who does not possess an ability to control the production factors (for example: natural resources, human resources, capital) will only depend on their body (physical strength) in order to survive. Therefore the informal sectors become the most rational choice. Hence street vendors, construction workers, parking attendants and other informal jobs have been the common views in the cities. This paper is trying to portray one of the informal sectors in the cities namely street vendors. Their survival strategy in the competitive city life is a point of view which is being explained and focused in this paper.
Menuju Paradigma Penelitian Sosiologi Yang Integratif Image
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Menuju Paradigma Penelitian Sosiologi Yang Integratif

Sociology as a science which has many paradigms. Variety of existing paradigms were born by a long debate on the historical birth of sociology widely known as methodenstreit (debate of methods) that distinguish inductive and deductive methods, nomothetic ideographic sciences and sciences, value-free and solid values, and the separation of theory from praxis. The long debate generated a variety of paradigms in sociological research methodology, namely: positivism, post-positivism, constructivism, critical theory and participatory
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Wacana Civil Society (Masyarkat Madani) Di Indonesia Image
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Wacana Civil Society (Masyarkat Madani) Di Indonesia

This article describes the concept of civil society, which is more popular among the Muslims as Madani Society. The position of civil society is construct by the formation of various social institutions, particularly the non-government organizations. Non-Government Organization, which has autonomy and control of process's government activities, is essential for the creation of Madani Society. Pluralism, Freedom of speech and expression, and control's function are the important elements of democracy. It is apparent that there is a close connection between democracy and civil society. There will be no democracy without the development of civil society.
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