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PCD Journal

PCD Journal is an initiative to promote works and reports written in high-quality academic standard on the dynamics of power, conflict, and democracy in developing countries, particularly in South and Southeast Asia. Themes on practices of human rights, popular representation, and participatory-based public policy are amongst the interests of the initiative. It is considered that there is a serious lack of scholarly publishers within this geographical area and within these thematic fields, partly, due to the colonial pattern in international publication. PCD Publication seeks to alter the condition. The main discipline area of the initiative is social sciences with sub-discipline areas in political science, human geography, and political anthropology. We invite concerned scholars and experts in related themes to share and discuss their research, knowledge, and works in academically equal spirit. The published works and reports in PCD Publication are under the condition of having to pass through the peer review system, involving international academics and experts.

Bidang: Tata Pemerintahan & Transparansi, Studi Asia, Hukum & Hak Asasi Manusia, Politik & Hubungan Internasional, Studi Perdamaian

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