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Kurangnya Pendidikan Reproduksi Dini Menjadi Faktor Penyebab Terjadinya Pelecehan Seksual Antar Anak

Equity education in Indonesia is a very complicated issue. The inequality of education in Indonesia occurs in the layers of the poor. Factors affecting inequality is caused by financial or financial factors The higher the level of education, the more expensive costs incurred by individuals. Indonesia is a developing country where most of its people live at an insufficient level. There are many cases of child sexual abuse, where the perpetrator is predominantly an adult and most are the immediate family of the victim, but there are cases of the child. This can be proved by the existence of reports of complaints of victims who enter to the authorities. Criminal acts of child sexual abuse are issues that require special attention by the government as they relate to the morality of the nation's generation. In this case the court is an institution or institution related to the child as the perpetrator of acts of pidan especially in sexual crimes. Any child who is a victim or perpetrator of sexual violence or who is dealing with the law is entitled to be kept secret. Every child victim or offender is entitled to legal aid and other assistance
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Perkawinan Campuran dan Dampak terhadap Kewarganegaraan dan Status Anak Menurut Undang-undang di Indonesia

Marriage was a very deep and strong as a liaison between a man and a woman in the form of a family or household. Mixed marriage is a marriage between two people in Indonesia are subjected to different laws, because of differences in nationality and one party of Indonesian nationality. This marriage means there will be loss of one nationality husband or wife, son and citizenship status of children.So the elements contained in mixed marriages are marriages carried out in the jurisdiction of Indonesia and each subject to different laws because of differences in citizenship, which one of the parties must be Indonesian citizens. And the terms of mixed marriage in article 59 paragraph 2 of Law no. 1/1974, of this article denotes the principle of Lex loci actus which denotes where the legal act takes place. This means that mixed marriages in Indonesia are conducted according to Indonesian marriage law.
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Penemuan Hukum Oleh Hakim Terhadap Kasus Carok Akibat Sengketa Tanah Dalam Masyaraka Madura

Carok is a violent conflict of Madurese that arises and is caused by a matter of self-esteem. Carok as an institutionalization of Madurese violence, in the form of attempted murder using sharp weapons, is generally clurit. What is done by men against other men who have been considered to have committed harassment against self-esteem. The formulation of the problem of this paper is: 1) what is the occurrence of carok as a judge's consideration in making a decision in court? 2) how is the theory of legal discovery by the judge in imposing criminal decisions on carok custom cases in Surabaya? This research on scientific work, in the form of normative legal research (normative juridical). In normative juridical research, this study focused on reviewing and examining legal findings by judges on carok cases due to land disputes in the Madura community, so that later the writer could elaborate legal findings by judges against carok cases. due to land disputes in Madura society. Carok is an act that is very contrary to the criminal law in Indonesia, because the effect is detrimental to others, it could cause injury, and die. Judges in deciding disputes must have several stages and theories, namely the stage of analyzing a criminal act, the stage of analyzing criminal responsibility, the stage of determining criminal proceedings (the stage of contradicting, the stage of qualifying, the stage of concluding.