Pengaruh Keputusan Investasi, Keputusan Pendanaan, Dan Kebijakan Dividen Terhadap Nilai Perusahaan (Studi Kasus Pada Perusahaan Manufaktur Yang Terdaftar Di Bursa Efek Indonesia Periode 2007-2009)

Putri Prihatin Ningsih • Iin Indarti
Journal article Jurnal Kajian Akuntansi dan Bisnis • 2012 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 23 pages)


This research aimed to analyze the influence of investment decision,financing decision, and dividend policy on the firm value manufacturing company listed inIndonesia Stock Exchange in the period 2007-2009. The sample obtained by purposivesampling method, and selected 15 companies as samples. The analysis of data used multiplelinear regression analysis with the requirement it passed the classic assumption test,multicolinierity test, autocorrelation test, heteroscedasticity test, and normality test. To testthe coefficient of determination, the value of adjusted R2 was 0,485, which means that thevariability of the dependent variable could be explained by the variability of the independentvariable was 48,5%. While the remaining 51,5% was explained by other factors outside theresearch model. The simultaneous significance test (F test), the value of F count was 11,239greater than 2,92 F table. Means that the variable LnPER, LnDER, and LnDPRsimultaneously had significant influence on firm value. The partial significant test (t test),variable LnPER had significant influence on firm value by 4,112 t value greater than 2,0395t table. For LnDER variable, t value was 2,148 greater than 2,0395 t table which meansvariable LnDER had significant influence on firm value. While for variable LnDPR, was1,247 t value less than 2,0395 t table which means that the variable LnDPR had nosignificant influence on firm value.


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