Pengaruh Faktor Budaya, Sosial, Pribadi Dan Psikologi Terhadap Perilaku Konsumen (Studi Pada Pembelian Rumah Di Perumahan Griya Utama Banjardowo Semarang)

Abdul Ghoni • Tri Bodroastuti
Journal article Jurnal Kajian Akuntansi dan Bisnis • 2012

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 23 pages)


One of the basic human needs is a matter of housing. The function of ahouse has also changed, from the original just as a refuge. Now a house is not enough just totake shelter, but also required to accommodate the needs and desires of its owner asstrategic location, nice and tough building, and comfortable environment. In other words,not only a house for shelter, but also should be a deserved place to live. This study aimed toanalyze the influence of culturee,social, personality and psychology to customer behavior.The population in this study was all customers who have purchased house in the Main GriyaBanjardowo housing,while the number of samples in this study were 70 respondents. Thesampling technique used in this study was purposive sampling method whereas theanalytical tool used was multiple linear regression. The results of hypothesis testing with ttest obtained empirical evidence that cultural factors t table value of 2.019 with asignificance level of probability of (0.048) <0.05, t table of factor social = 2.062 with asignificance level of probability = (0.043) <0.05, the value t table of personality factor of2.816 with a significance level of probability = (0.006) <0.05, and t table value ofpsychological factor with a probability level of significance 3.605 (0.001) <0.05.It can beconcluded that the cultural, social, personal and psychological factors significantlyinfluenced customer behavior partially. Test results using ANOVA or F test obtainedempirical evidence that the cultural, social personal and psychology to customer behaviorwith F value = 254.460 with a significance level of probability (0.000) <0.05.The coefficientof determination (Adjusted R Square) obtained at 0.936. This means that 93.6% of thevariation of customer behavior can be explained by the variation of the four independentvariables, namely factor of culture, social, personality and psychologyy. While the remaining6.4% (100% - 93.6% = 5.1%) was explained by reasons other than the model.


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