Tingkat Ketergantungan Dan Lama Perawatan Pasien Rawat Observasi Di IGD

Erlan Nurmansyah • F. Sri Susilaningsih • Setiawan S.
Journal article Jurnal Keperawatan Padjadjaran • 2014


An imbalances between number of patients beimg admitted in Emergency Department (ED) and the availability of beds in it's department have an impact on the length of stay of patient who actually have to be discharged from ED. This problem will affect to the additional nurses activity and the workload, as these pastient should wait to the availability of rooms for the inpatient care in the transient rooms. Based on this situation, it is important to identify the level of dependency of patient during the observation period in transient rooms, and the time consumtion for delivering nursing care service, since it's being the responsibility of ED nurses. This data was collected through observations and analyzed with descriptive analysis (percentage). Consecutive sampling technique was administered 74 patients who receives nusing service in this transient room involved in this study. The results of this study obtained that distribution of level dependency of observed patients was minimal dependency (37.84%), medium (25.68%), (24.32%) is higher dependency, and maximal dependency (12.16%). The average time consumtion for nursing care delivery is 19 minutes/nurses/shift, and the total time consumtion is 3,72 hours/day. The implication of this study is for the Hospital need to evaluate the additional workload of the ED nurses, and need to plan the availability of transient room out side the ED.


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