Analisis Iklim Mikro Kandang Domba Garut Sistem Tertutup Milik Fakultas Peternakan IPB

Meiske Widyarti • Yoffa Oktavia
Journal article Jurnal Keteknikan Pertanian • 2011


S Microclimate condition of cage affecting the growth of livestocks. Livestocks will be able to develop and grow optimally in a good cage condition. Cages indoor or microclimate should be comfort and fit for livestock growth and functioned as a protector from environment influences. A good microclimate condition is influenced by air temperature, moisture content, velocity of air flow, and intensity of light. This study aims to analyze the distribution of temperature, humidity, wind speed and patterns inside the Garut sheep's cage. Datas are collected on Faculty of Animal Husbandry IPB's Garut sheep fattening cages. Datas including temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, and solar radiation were taken three days from 07:00 pm until 15:00 pm and analyzed using microsof exel program. The study results showed that the highest indoor cage temperature is 33.330C at 12.00 pm., with relative humidity 73,33% and wind speed 0,38 m / sec. This condition is not optimal enough for Garut sheeps's growth.


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