Pemeriksaan Dan Sisi Praktis Merawat Pasien Cedera Kepala

Iskandar Japardi
Journal article Jurnal Keperawatan Indonesia • Maret 2003 Indonesia


Head injuries cause serious problems within our community, as the morbidity and mortality are still very high. The management of head injury patient is a very complex problem and a serious difficult responsibility. Neurosurgical nursing is a new focus in Indonesian nursing, one of the reasons is that only few medical institutions provide reliable skill in this field. Even in a capital of province, only a few neurosurgeons with restricted medical facilities are available. This article will focus on assessing, intervening and managing head injury patients, especially in the comatous state. It will deal with the theoretical, pathophysiological, and psychological aspects of care and focus on the importance of a multidisciplinary approach.


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