Persepsi Klien Tentang Perawat

Amelia Kurniati
Journal article Jurnal Keperawatan Indonesia • September 2005 Indonesia


The appropriateness between the knowledge of a nurse on nurse's competency and perception of client about nurse is very important. Such appropriateness will produce a sense of understanding which is the key of therapeutic relation between a nurse and the client. This research chooses the phenomenology research in order to identify the perception of client on nurse in order to explore the client judgment in detail. The data and information are obtained from 8 participants from various hospitals in Jakarta within 2 months through interview and direct observation. The results are described in three categories: 1. Positive responsive to the client's need with one sub category: response to the client's need and respect to the clients; 2. Skillful and knowledgeable, and 3. Communicative and educative. These three categories will be integrated and interacting with each other in a circle form and cannot be disintegrated into one single category. The three category will assist each other to enable a nurse to act responsive and skillful based on the need and character on client. This is hoped to enhance the client ability to be more healthy.


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Jurnal Keperawatan Indonesia

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