Pengaruh Kadar Air Terhadap Beberapa Sifat Fisik Biji Lada Putih

Andi Muhammad Akram Mukhlis • Edy Hartulistiyoso • Yohanes Aris Purwanto


The physical properties of seed are required in designing an apparatus for handling, separation, drying, storage, and processing. The physical properties of white pepper seeds were determined as a function of moisture content in the range of 15,40 - 64,80 % dry basis (d.b.). The average height, length and width at a moisture content condition of 15,40 % (d.b.) were 4,11 ± 0,27 mm; 4,35 ± 0,34 mm and 4,35 ± 0,35 mm, respectively. In the range of moisture content 15,40 - 64,80 % (d.b.), the results of this study showed an increase linearly of the third axial dimension, the average diameter, the roundness from 0,969 to 0,977, the volume from 39,50 to 67,34 mm3, the surface area from 55,87 to 79,92mm2 and the thousand seed mass from 52,47 to 75,63 g. Bulk density and true density has a polynomial correlation with changes in moisture content.The porosity decreased from 45,01 % to 44,88 % with an increase in the moisture content range of 15,40 - 64,80 % (d.b.).


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