Hubungan Pengetahuan Tentang Sarapan Pagi Dengan Prestasi Belajar Anak Di SD Inpres Talikuran Kecamatan Kawangkoan Utara

Eklesia Sisko Tumiwa • Sisfiani Sarimin • Amatus Yudi Ismanto
Journal article Jurnal Keperawatan UNSRAT • 2016


: Breakfast knowledge is a knowledge of a person about foot that we eat in the morning before started the activities. Learning achievement is a gol of learning process there are mastery, emotional changing, or behavior changing that can be measure by sometest. The Purpose of this research is to know the relation of knowledge about breakfast with learning achievement of student in elementary school INPRES Talikuran Kecamatan Kawangkoan Utara. The research was doing by cross sectional method.Sampling pool with total sampling there are 36 respondents total sample that had been founded. Analyst technique base used chi square on 95% (α 0,05) meaning level. The result of this research had got that most of the respondents has a good knowledge about breakfast (83,3%) and good achievement (16,7%). The result test shows P value = 0,147 > α 0,05 stated that there is no relation between knowledge of breakfast with student learning achievement. The Summaryof the research is that the respondent with a knowledge of breakfast are on good categories and have a good learning achievement.


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