Tekanan Global Dalam Penundaan Eksekusi Terpidana Mati Di Indonesia

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Journal article Jurnal Komunikasi Untar • 2016 Indonesia • Pakistan


:Indonesian authorities decided on July 29, 2016 executing four drug convicts and spared the lives of 10 others that were on a death row. While the decision was the sovereign authority of the Indonesian government, it was undeniable that the decision was the result of an International pressure, particularly from the government of Pakistan which used diplomatic means to influence the Indonesian government. Previously, the Indonesian authorities was so determined to bring the 14 drug convicts, including one Pakistani, before the firing squad. The public was almost certain that all 14 drug convicts would be executed at dawn on July 29. It turned out that only four of them were killed, leaving 10 others, including Pakistani Zulfiqar Ali, spared. This writing observes the diplomatic moves as a form of global communication by the Pakistani government as reported in the media.


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