Hubungan Kadar Hb Dan Status Gizi Dengan Kualitas Hidup Pasien Penyakit Ginjal Kronik Stadium 5 Yang Menjalani Hemodialisis

A. A. Ayu Putri Oktiadewi • Dwi Lestari Partiningrum
Journal article Jurnal Kedokteran Diponegoro • 2012


Background: Quality of life (QoL) today is confirmed as the new goal to be achieved by CKD patients with hemodialysis. Hb levels and nutritional status affect QoL. Nutritional status was measured using albumin level and the PG-SGA score.Aim: To identify the correlation between Hb level and nutritional status with QoL assessed with KDQOL-SFTM 1.3 in stage 5 CKD patients undergoing regular hemodialysis in Unit of Dialysis RSUP Dr. Kariadi Semarang.Methods: The study design was cross-sectional, in stage 5 CKD patients at RSUP Dr. Kariadi Semarang during March to May 2012, with 39 samples. Data collection were taken from questionnaires and medical records. Data processing was done by Spearman or Pearson correlation test.Result: There was no significant correlation between Hb levels with QoL. Significant correlation was found in albumin levels with physical health dimensions (p = 0.02), PG-SGA score categories with physical health dimensions (p = 0.037) and PG-SGA score category with the kidney disease-targeted issues dimensions (p = 0.031).Conclusions: There is no significant correlation between Hb level with QoL. There is a significant correlation between nutritional status with QoL which is albumin levels with dimensions physical health dimensions, category PG-SGA score with physical health dimensions and PG-SGA score categories with kidney disease-targeted issues dimensions.


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