Penurunan Kecemasan Ibu Hamil Risiko Tinggi Dalam Menghadapi Persalinan Melalui Paket “Harmoni”

M. M. Setyaningsih • Setyowati Setyowati • Kuntarti Kuntarti
Journal article Jurnal Keperawatan Indonesia • November 2013


Providing “Harmony” Package Decrease Childbirth Anxiety of High Risk Pregnant Women. High risk on pregnancy influences psychosocial condition of the mother, husband and their family. This psychosocial condition needs specific intervention to prevent worsening physical condition that affecting labor. The study purposed to examine the effect of intervention namely “Harmony” package for high-risk pregnant women toward their childbirth anxiety This intervention includes education about high risk pregnancy, various relaxation techniques, kind of mother support, and how to improve self confidence. This education was provided with several methods. A quasi-experimental design used sample of each 20 pregnant women in the control and intervention group were taken by consecutive sampling. Anxiety was measured with modified Hamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety (HRSA). The result showed that there is a significant effect of the “Harmony” package to the childbirth anxiety among the high risk pregnant women (p= 0,03; α= 0,05). "Harmony" Package is suggested to apply as psychosocial education for high-risk pregnant women to assist them in dealing with childbirth anxiety.


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