Dinamika Ekonomi Politik Industri Penerbitan Pers Lokal: Praktek Komodifikasi Dan Spasialisasi Di Kota Kupang

Yoseph Andreas Gual
Journal article Jurnal Komunikasi Untar • 2014 Indonesia


This article moves from the reality of the life of a newspaper in the city of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), which is in line with the changing social and political movements in Indonesia, especially from the New Orde to the Reformation. From only one newspaper then a dozen newspapers, back leaving five newspapers at last. This phenomenon leaves the question, the dynamics of what is going on there? In a communication perspective, this phenomenon can be explained by the political economy approach. Then the above phenomenon as a case of political economy approach is approached by the media, especially the commodification and spatialization by Vincent Mosco. From the search results discovered that the commodification and spatialization carried by newspapers in the city. But the practice is different from one media to another media, especially among the local newspaper that affiliated with the national media. Many local newspaper owned and managed by local communities.


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