Pembelajaran Yang Mendidik: Artikulasi Konseptual, Terapan Kontekstual, Dan Verifikasi Empirik

T. Raka Joni


The dismal academic performance of the great majority of Indonesian primary and secondary school students has been everyones concern. Two reasons are usually presented to explain the phenomenon and these are teacher welfare that is closely related to teacher competence as well sharp disparity of deployment at the primay level that is also coupled with mismatch assignment at the secondary level. Obviously this observation on the two detrimental conditions are valid, and thefore needs to be expeditiously addressed. However, there has been another crucial factor which could not be rectified only through managerial measures. This crucial reason is the pervasive belief that views instruction as mere content transmision. Therefore, in order to strive for quality student performance, we have to dismantle this petrified view inadvertently sowed through PPSI that employed pre-test post-test scheme for each class session, thereby reducing student achievement to mere memorization of facts. In other words, this infertile view of instruction should be replaced with one that views the endeavor as instruction that educates.


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