Pengambilan Fraksi Ringan Produk Hasil Pirolisis Limbah Plastik Jenis Polipropilene (Pp) Dengan Metode Destilasi Fraksionasi Bubble Cap

Ramli Thahir • Alwathan Alwathan
Journal article Jurnal Konversi UNLAM • Oktober 2014


- Increased utilization of plastics each year due to various advantages such as low production cost, light weight, are insulators that are used in various fields of industry and households. Plastic Polypropilene type most widely used in daily life because it has good mechanical properties with low density, heat resistance and moisture, and has good dimensional stability. Besides the benefit impacts can damage environments as difficult to decompose in the soil and can cause flooding when above ground level. Along with the impact of fuel demand is increasing while the fuel sources we use non-renewable (Non Reversible), so this study aims to utilize plastic waste into fuel by specifying and analyzing the quality of fuel products from plastic types of polypropilene. Research methods 200 grams of plastic types polypropropilene cleaned and put in a reactor capacity of 7.5 liters and made the process of pyrolysis, pyrolysis results of 184.20 grams of distilled fractionation Bubble Cap with steam temperature variations: 48-70; 70-90; 90-110; 110-130; 130-150; 150-170; 170-190; 190-210; 210-230; Yeald 230-245oC with a total of 73.80% consisting of gasoline fraction has a content of 85.26% and 14.74% kerosene content. and the results of the analysis, 150C Density (kg / m3): 732.8; 15oC Viscosity (cSt): 0.575; Octane numbers (RON and MON): 97.1 87.8; RVP: 46; Existent Gum: 5; Copper Corrosion class I results of GC-MS analysis results of pyrolysis dominant for 5-methyl-1-heptane: 47.420% and distilled 5-methyl-1-heptane: 48.58%. Results of the analysis concluded that fuel produced from polypropilene plastic pyrolysis process leading to the type of gasoline is 88 according to the decree of Directorate General of Oil and Gas K / 72 / DJM / 1999. Gasoline can not be used directly because it has not met the standards Existent Gum and boiling points that influence the early start the engine or may cause changes in the properties of the fuel.


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