Pengaruh Pemberian Suplementasi Zink Terhadap Kadar Albumin Serum Lansia

Erwin Prasetyo Ardy • Amallia Nugetsiana Setyawati • Dwi Ngestiningsih
Journal article Jurnal Kedokteran Diponegoro • 2015


Background: Aging has been associated with increased oxidative stress, physiological-biochemical changes and impaired organs function. Those changes, might alter albumin homeostatic level in elder population due to nutrient intake insufficiency, organs degeneration, and oxidation of pre-formed albumin. Zinc was an essential trace element which functioned as co-factor of enzymes, liver protector and present antioxidant activity inside human body. We suspected zinc supplementation would enhance elder's serum albumin level.Aim: This study was to determine the effect of zinc supplementation on serum albumin level in elder populations.Methods: In this randomized control trial, with pre and post-test control group design, we included 31 elder people who met inclusion-exclusion criteria and lived in Unit Rehabilitasi Sosial Pucang Gading Semarang. Samples were randomly divided into two groups. Treatment group (16 people) were daily supplemented with 40 mg zinc and twice a week of exercise treatment, whereas control group (15 people) were placebo supplemented and got exercise treatment at same amount as treatment group. Both treatment last for 8 weeks. Albumin level analysis was performed before and after the trial. The data was then evaluated with Wilcoxon and Paired t-test.Results: The result showed that the average level of serum albumin improved in both groups. Treatment group resulted in significant increase of mean albumin level by 0,5 ± 0,23 g/dl, p<0.001 while the changes observed in placebo group were not significant (0,2 ± 0,61 g/dl, p=0,175).Conclusions: Zinc supplementation could improve serum albumin level on elder subject.


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