Health Professionals' Support for Exclusive Breastfeeding Among Textile Industry Laborers in Jakarta

Anissa Rizkianti • Novianti Novianti
Journal article Jurnal Kesehatan Reproduksi • 2015 Indonesia


Background: The opportunity of woman laborers to exclusively breastfeed remains challenging. One factor that may help extend breastfeeding duration is better support from health care professionals. Objective: This study aims to explore a range of healthcare professionals' experiences and perceptions of breastfeeding support provided to textile industry laborers in Jakarta. Methods: A qualitative study was conducted towards 27 textile industry laborers having infants aged 6-12 months and two community health workers from two different Primary Health Centers (PHCs) in Jakarta. Sampling was done purposively from a textile company and randomly selected by screening to the community located close to industry area. Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and in-depth interview was done towards laborers and community health professionals to gain information about care and supports given. Data analysis involved content analysis and triangulation from two types of participant.Results: Health professionals who were mainly midwives reported very positive and supportive support to mothers as well as provided various services and health care, such as counseling and prenatal classes. Conclusion: Health care professionals' support for textile industry laborers in Jakarta was sufficient. Health professionals are expected to provide information to family, build partnerships between health professionals, peer counselors and breastfeeding support groups, and also assist employers to become more breastfeeding friendly.


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