Pengaruh Konsentrasi Nahso3 Dan Suhu Pada Produksi Surfaktan Dari Sekam Padi Melalui Sulfonasi Langsung

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Journal article Jurnal Konversi UNLAM • April 2015 Indonesia


-Surfactant is one of the most important raw materials used in various industrial fields, such as emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, foaming agent, detergent and hair conditioning products. This study aims to find out the surfactant production process of rice husk through direct sulfonation process. In addition, this study aims to determine the effect of variation of NaHSO­3 concentrations and variation of temperature on the amount of surfactant. Surfactant in this study was made from lignin content of rice husk which was obtained from the Kuin region, South Kalimantan. Firstly, rice husk was dried and sieved. The rice husk that passed the 355 micron sieve and retained on 250 micron sieve was mixed with 250 mL of sodium bisulfite (the variations were 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and 30%) for pH check. H2SO4 was added to the mixture to get pH 4. The mixtures then was heated at 70oC, 85oC and 100oC. The solution result was filtered, 5 mL of the solution was ovened to obtain the powder of sodium lignosulfonate (surfactant). From the results obtained, it can be concluded that the greater concentration of NaHSO3 and operating temperature, the higher the surfactant yield will be obtained. The highest yield was obtained at a concentration of surfactant NaHSO3 solution of 30% with operating temperature of 100oC is 1.19% (wt%). The comparison of characteristics test of rice husk surfactant solution with a solution of synthetic surfactant (ABS) showed two solutions with a scent of sulfur and slightly acidic, having a pH of 5 and completely soluble in water. Meanwhile, for the color variable, there is a visible difference. For the synthetic surfactant solution (ABS) the solution was brownish yellow and rice husk surfactant solution had a yellowish color.


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