Analisis Penggunaan Twitter Sebagai Media Komunikasi Selebritis Di Jakarta

Suzy Azeharie
Journal article Jurnal Komunikasi Untar • 2014 Indonesia


: This study discusses the use of twitter as a medium of communication that do celebrities in Jakarta, Indra Aziz, Pongki Barata and kerispatih. The support of the fans means a lot to all three top celebrities in order to continue working in the entertainment industry. Communication is the key to self-publish to the public in order to gain support for their new works. Twitter is one of the medium used to communicate with fans. Therefore the aim of this study was to determine the reason and purpose of twitter as a communication media celebrities. This research uses descriptive qualitative research method, using mass communication theory, uses and gratification models, new media, social media celebrities and theories of Public Relations on the Internet. The results of the analysis showed that the reason Indra Aziz, Pongki Barata and Kerispatih chose twitter as penggunaannnya easier when compared to other social media. The use of twitter is considered very effective because the celebrities can convey all the information they want to convey to the people, especially their fans, in a wide range of deployment messages with easy and fast.


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