Hubungan Motivasi Menjadi Perawat Dengan Prestasi Belajar Mahasiswa Angkatan 2013 Program Studi Ilmu Keperawatan Fakultas Kedokteran Unsrat Manado

Veronika Esther Wungow • Linnie Pondaag • Vandri Kallo
Journal article Jurnal Keperawatan UNSRAT • 2017


: Success in education or so-called achievement is one of the main objectives in the learning process. Academic achievement (learning) is a testament to the success of learning or the ability of a student to perform learning activities in accordance with the weight achieves. A person who do not have a motivation in itself will emerge feeling lazy to learn and follow the lessons that can affect learning outcomes. This will impact on the ability of individuals to apply the knowledge they had received in carrying out their duties and responsibilities, in the sense that the individual is not able to do their job properly or an error could occur would be action taken. The aim of research to find out if there is a relationship between motivation Being a Nurse with Learning Achievement Student of 2013 PSIK FK UNSRAT Manado. Samples were taken using purposive sampling collection is numbered 42 people. The study design was an observational analytic with cross sectional approach and data were collected using a questionnaire and assessment form of the study program. Statistical test research results obtained Ficher's exact p = 0275. Conclusion there is no relationship between the motivation to become a nurse with the achievement of students. Suggestions for nursing students need to create strategies to increase motivation as a nurse to read a variety of books to accumulate a sense of belonging and promote for profession as a nursing student.


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