Dimensi Spiritual Dalam Asuhan Keperawatan

Widyatuti Widyatuti
Journal article Jurnal Keperawatan Indonesia • September 1999


The development of aspects in human life in the area of globalization may lead to disappointment and frustration for either healthy people or for people who suffered from illness. A man composed of physical, emotional, social and spiritual dimension. An individual needs to fulfil every dimension to maintain an equilibrium in his/her life. Studies show that spiritual dimension influenced the healing process of the sick person. Nurses as the front-line staff should help the clients to meet their needs including their spiritual need. There are many ways to meet the client's needs, such as assisting them to understand the meaning in life spiritually and the purpose of spiritual needs; facilitating the clients to express their religiosity. In order to meet the spiritual need, nurses should consider the developmental tasks of their clients, so the nursing care given will achieve the goal of nursing care.


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Jurnal Keperawatan Indonesia

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