Komunikasi Bisnis Lintas Budaya Sekretaris Pada Atasan (Studi Pada Alila Hotel Solo)

Yunita Budi Rahayu Silintowe • Christy Pramudita, Margareta Cahya
Journal article Jurnal Komunikasi Untar • 2016 Indonesia


:There are barriers in communication occurs on Operations Secretary at Alila Hotels Solo. Some of obstacles that arise are caused by some leaders or coworkers at Alila Hotels Solo are expatriates or even people in Indonesia who have different cultural backgrounds. There is a culture that affects the way everyone in conveying the message, so that there is a difference in perception between secretary and boss or other colleagues. In this study will be seen from two different viewpoints culture is low context and high context culture. This type of research is qualitative. Data collection techniques is using observation and interview methods to collect the data needed to accurately. The result show that low context and high context culture culture in cross-cultural business communication is not applied exclusively in the process of business communication at Alila Hotels Solo.


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