Gambaran Pengetahuan Dengan Perilaku Merokok Pada Remaja Di Smk Negeri 1 Touluaan Kabupaten Minahasa Tenggara

Meiny Ransun • Sefty Rompas • Vandri Kallo
Journal article Jurnal Keperawatan UNSRAT • 2015


:“The Relationship Of Knowledge And Smoking Behavior In Adolescents In SMK N 1Touluaan district Minahasa Southeast”. Thesis, nursing science courses medical school ManadoSam Ratulangi University. Supervisor SeftiRompas and VandriKallo. Smoking is burning tobaccothen smoked using a cigarette or pipe. Smoking behavior is the activity of a person who is aperson's response to external stimuli. The aim of knowing the relationship of knowledge andsmoking behavior in adolescents in SMK N 1 Touluaan district MinahasaSoutheast.Design thisstudy design using analytic method with cross sectional approach. Population in this study is theoverall object of study or the object under study in SMK N 1 Touluaan district MinahasaSoutheast.Thesample is total populationthat is 45 peopleof two classes, X and XI. Data processedby univariate and bivariate by using SPSS program (Statistic Program for Social Science) throughchi-square calculations. The results show there is influence between knowledge and smokingbehavior in adolescents in SMK N 1 Touluaan district Minahasa Southeast. The conclusion is thereis influence between knowledge and smoking behavior in remaja in SMK N 1 Touluaan districtMinahasa Southeast. Advice for teens to better understand the risks and dangers of smoking.


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