Public Relations & Media Relations (Kritik Budaya Amplop Pada Media Relations Institusi Pendidikan Di YOGYAKARTA)

Adhianty Nurjanah • Wulan Widyasari • Frizky Yulianti N.
Journal article Jurnal Komunikasi Untar • 2015 Indonesia


This research is aims to determine how the media relations activities that have been done 10 Public Relations Higher Education, including the possibility of granting cultural envelope in media relations activities during this do. The object of this study is ten (10) Universities in Yogyakarta that consists of three (3) State University (PTN) and seven (7) Colleges (PTS). Variations and types of media relations activities have been conducted by 10 universities. The reason is because the electoral college to ten (10) college is a big college in the city of Yogyakarta who own Public Relations and media relations activities that have a systematic and well-planned. In the course of media relations, Public Relations universities do culture accepting envelopes to reporters on the grounds reimburse the costs of transport and not as a "bribe" so that they publicized the news and as a means of imaging the institution. Publicist colleges feel that culture provides envelopes to reporters did not violate the code of ethics of their profession as a Public Relations, On the other hand for journalists, cultural granting envelope can interfere with the independence and constitute a violation of the code of ethics of their profession as journalists. Yet there are also journalists who will receive an envelope in their reporting activities. The discrepancies in the implementation of the code of ethics of journalism, is strongly influenced by the integrity of journalists and policies that apply to each media institution.


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