Identifikasi Anak Berbakat Di SMU

Sunardi Sunardi


This study id the first of three year project trying to develop a model of educating gifted students in regular schools. The sample consisted of first year gifted students in State Senior High Schools (SMUN) in Boyolali and Karanganyar. In the first phases, teachers were asked to nominate approximately the best 10% of their students who were then validated by intelligence and creativity test. The researchers also collected data of the students' scores in secondary schools examination and administered The Learning Style Inventory. The result of the study showed positive correlations between inteligence, secondary school achievement, and creativity. Data on students' learning preferences were also obtained. Giftedness was then determined based on their scores on creativity and intelligence tests, i.e. those who scored at least 1 SD above the mean in creativity test and had at least a percentile rank of 90 in intelligence tests


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