Perbandingan Kepuasan Antara Pasien Askes Dan Pasien Jamkesmas Di Poliklinik Penyakit Dalam Rsup Dr.kariadi Semarang

Desta Fatima • Santosa Santosa • Noor Wijayahadi
Journal article Jurnal Kedokteran Diponegoro • 2012


Background: Health is the right and investments, and all citizens are entitled to health, including the poor. It's needed a system that regulates the implementation of the effort to fulfill the right of citizens to remain healthy, with an emphasis on health services for the community. Health insurance (Askes) is a type of financial services is very complex involving the three elements that can't be separated the participant, the provider and insurance entities . Jamkesmas is a free healthcare program for the poor which in the previous year (in 2005) was called by the Health Insurance for Poor People, then in 2008 and later renamed with Jamkesmas. Askes in general used by the middle class and above, while Jamkesmas generally used by lower middle class people, because of differences in this social status, it is concerned about the services provided by health care providers will be different in the two groups then further affect the level of patient satisfaction.Aim: To know whether there were differences in patient satisfaction between Askes patients and Jamkesmas patients in the internal medicine clinic Dr.Kariadi Hospital Semarang.Methods: The study was observational analytic study with cross-sectional study. Samples obtained by taking the respondents were consecutive sampling until the end of the study period from May to July 2012. Primary data in the form of descriptive were presented in tabular form with pictures or diagrams. Datas were analyzed using chi-square test (χ2).Results: The interpretation datas of each class were test with chi-square test (χ2). It was showed non-significant p value (p = 0.054).Conclusion: There were no significant differences in patient satisfaction between patients who had Askes and patients who had Jamkesmas in the internal medicine clinic of Dr. Kariadi Hospital Semarang.


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