Hubungan Psychological Well Being Dengan Derajat Hipertensi Pada Pasien Hipertensi Di Puskesmas Bahu Manado

Reza Pahlevi Ramadi • Jimmy Posangi • Mario Katuuk
Journal article Jurnal Keperawatan UNSRAT • 2017


: Hypertension is the increase in systolic blood pressure from 140 mmHg or diastolic blood pressure of 90 mmHg began appearing in two main types, essential hypertension and secondary hypertension. Psychological well being is the full achievement of the potential psychological and a situation when an individual can receive your strengths and weaknesses are, have a purpose in life, develop positive relationships with others, be an independent person, able to control the environment, and continues to grow personally . The purpose of this study to analyze relationships of psychological well being with hypertension degrees on hypertension patients in Bahu's Health Center Manado. The method used is descriptive analytic with cross sectional design. The sampling technique in this research is purposive sampling with 75 samples. The data collection is done by using a questionnaire. Processing data using computer programs with chi-square test with a significance level of 95% (ɑ = 0.05). The results showed the number of respondents who have a high PWB as many as 38 respondents, and which are at the pre classification of hypertension by 40 respondents and is currently on the classification of hypertension by 35 respondents and p value = 0.001. This conclusion shows there is a relationship of psychological well being with the degree of hypertension.


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