Faktor-Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Kepuasan Mahasiswa Kedokteran Terhadap Pelatihan Keterampilan Klinik Di Tahap Sarjana: Studi Kasus Di Fk Undip

Ridzky Firmansyah • Tri Nur Kristina
Journal article Jurnal Kedokteran Diponegoro • 2012


Factors that affect satisfaction of medical students to clinical skills training in bachelor degree : acase study at medical faculty of Diponegoro UniversityBackground Preclinical clerkship (kepaniteraan umum = panum) is a form of clinical skillstraining program that held by Medicine Faculty of Diponegoro University on the last semester ofbachelor program. Student's satisfaction on panum could improve their performance and confidenceat clinical clerkship.Objective To investigate student's satisfaction on panum and factors that influence theirsatisfaction based on personal ,interpersonal and organizational domainMethod An observational analytic research with cross-sectional design was conducted on theperiod of May-July 2012. Subjects of this study were medical students that participated on panumprogram at first semester of 2012 academic year. Variables were student's satisfaction on thisprogram and personal, interpersonal and organizational domain that related to students satisfaction.Data were collected by using self-administered delivery questionnaire. The data to compare factorsrelated to student's satisfaction were analyzed using 2 and multivariate logistic regression test .Results About 75% students declare satisfied with panum program. Factor of personal domain thatinfluenced student's satisfaction on panum was student's personal experience that reduce enthusiasmon panum (p=0,004); interpersonal domain were instructor's professional skill (p=0,02) andinstructors teaching behavior (p=0,004); organizational domain were student's perception on numberof instructors (p<0,001), frequency of clinical skills practices (p=0,004), panum's learningenvironment (p=0,04) and quality of infrastructures and equipment (p=0,03). Multivariate logisticregression yield the main factorthat had been influenced student's satisfaction on panum wasstudent's perception on number of instructors (p=0,003)Conclusion Student's satisfaction on panum have been influenced by student's personal experiencethat reduce enthusiasm on panum, instructor's professional skill, instructors teaching behavior,student's perception on number of instructors, frequency of clinical skills practices, panum's learningenvironment and quality of infrastructures and equipment.


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