Potensi Hayati Serat Purun Tikus (Eleocharis Dulcis) Dalam Proses Adsorpsi Kandungan Logam Berat Merkuri (Hg), Tss Dan Cod Pada Limbah Cair Pertambangan Emas

Chairul Irawan • Ardiansyah Ardiansyah • Naisya Hanan
Journal article Jurnal Konversi UNLAM • April 2014


- Activity of gold mining in Kalimantan potentially can give waste that include into “Bahan Beracun Berbahaya (B3)” such as mercury. An effort to make out this contamination is adsorption method. Eleocharis dulcis contain high amount of cellulose, about 40,92% so it can be used as an adsorbent. The purpose of this research are studying the capability of eleocharis dulcis as a natural adsorbent, studying the process of biocomposite making from eleocharis dulcis with iron oxide nanoparticle, and studying the influent of result iron oxide nanoparticle added to biocomposite in order to make a lower amount of heavy metal mercury (Hg), Total Suspended Solid (TSS) dan Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in waste water of gold mining. Eleocharis dulcis (PT) through delignification process use 1% NaOH solution and then the PT-D is made to become biocomposite with iron oxide nanoparticle apply “one-pot solvothermal reaction” method. The biocomposite have two variation: without amina cluster added (PT-M) and with amina cluster added (PT-MA). It's characterization are consist of Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and X-Ray Diffraction (XRD). Adsorption process is applied for 8 hours with mixing rate is 150 rpm. Analysis after adsorption process including three methods: AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer) method for Hg analysis, titrimetric method for COD, and gravimetric method for TSS. The result of adsorption process for mercury (Hg), COD, and TSS are optimally at pH 7 which the value of their effectiveness are 65,04%, 80%, and 81,25%. The maximum amount of Hg adsorption capacity for PT-D, PT-M, and PT-MA respectively are 6,504 mg/g, 6,984 mg/g, and 6,911 mg/g. The addition of iron oxide nanoparticle can increase adsorben capability of eleocharis dulcis.


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