Kehilangan Karbon Akibat Drainase Dan Degradasi Lahan Gambut Tropika Di Trumon Dan Singkil Aceh (Carbon Loss From Drainaged and Degradation of Tropical Peatland in Trumon and Singkil, Aceh)

Aswandi, Aswandi • Sadono, Ronggo • Supriyo, Haryono • Hartono, Hartono
Journal article Jurnal Manusia dan Lingkungan • September 2016 Indonesia


Tropical peat forest is one of significant atmospheric carbon sequester, but land conversion and illegal logging affects carbon stocks and transform these ecosystem into source of carbon emissions. The influence of land use change and drainage on water table fluctuation, soil subsidence and carbon loss are insufficiently known especially on typhology of narrow marine peatland. A study was conducted in Trumon and Singkil, Aceh Province from May 2012 until October 2014 in various peat land use types. Carbon stocks and carbon loss were calculated from data of bulk density, ash and carbon content, and peat depth. Results showed that land use types and distance from drainage influences the level of water table depth, subsidence rate, and carbon loss 38.54 – 58.52%. The highest subsidence rate occurred on peatlands which low bulk density and highly drainage intensity. Carbon loss from peat degradation released flux 1.352 ton CO2 eq/ha/year, highly correlated with measured rates of subsidence, depth of water table and bulk density.


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