Pengembangan Lembar Kerja Siswa (Lks) Disertai Komik Fisika Pada Pembelajaran Pokok Bahasan Tekanan Di SMP

Karlina Dwi Susanti • Subiki Subiki • Yushardi Yushardi

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


This research based on the lack of students interest in learning physics. The students need for the inovation of teaching materials that can make the learning process into a pleasant atmosphere for students. This research aims to develop on abstract in subject physics to produce Student's Work Sheet (SWS) Accompanied by Physiscs Comic on The Subject Of Pressure in Junior High School. . This research is using the 4D model. This product can be implemented to the class after pass validation process. This product is designed by using comics as a medium of learning.If students find a pleasant atmosphere in their study of the total involved in the learning process to deliver the final results of this succses. The results of expert validation is 89.5%. The result of the user validationvalue achieved was 82%. It mean the teaching materials has been declared valid by the validator. Based on the analysis to student cognitive score, the effectiveness of the SWS is 71.22%,it mean the SWS is perceived to have sufficient effectiveness.Student's response score is71.6%. This is included in high respons. So it mean, SWS can be used as teaching materials.


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